June 2011

I have been seeing patients here in Europe for the last 15 years. One of the most common problems people have is digestive problems. In Tibetan medicine digestion is the most important part of our body; to protect the digestive heat (called in Tibetan Poway Maydroy) is the most important job for Tibetan doctor. In the Tibetan medical texts the following metaphor is given - if the soil is fertile any crop can grow. In the same way, if you have got good digestion you can digest any food, otherwise even if you eat the best organic food it is still no good if you do not have good digestion. So, for example, it is always a good idea to eat and drink warm food especially in the winter.

This article is short and to the point as we live very busy lives, here is a short list of tips for healthy digestion -

 Eat your food slowly and chew properly.
 Eat a good breakfast and lunch but have a light supper.
 Eat your supper early, if possible before 7 pm.
 Never overeat; visualise your stomach divided into 4 parts- 2 parts for solid food, 1 part for liquid and the fourth part for SPACE.
 If you have overeaten go for a little walk for your stomach to feel comfortable.
 Don't drink chilled drinks straight from the fridge - leave them for a while to warm a little.
 If you get indigestion, drink a cup of hot water, fresh root ginger tea or mint tea.
 Always remember those farmers who worked so hard to produce these delicious foods for us - GRATITUDE.

Dr Tamdin S Bradley (Tibetan Medical Practitioner)