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The Arura Plant

The Arura Plant

The Latin botanical name for Arura is Terminalia chebula. In Tibetan medicine we use the fruit of the Terminalia chebula, it is considered to be a great panacea. There are five different types of Arura and the most highly prized Arura is called “the victorious one” (Aru Namgyal); it possesses all the six primary tastes, eight potencies and seventeen properties. Because of this, Arura is used to treat and balance the three principal energies of Tibetan medicine called rloong, mKhris-pa and Bad-kan. Arura also helps for digestion, improved blood circulation and longevity. In paintings of the Medicine Buddha he is seen carrying the Arura branch in his right hand whilst in his begging bowl are Arura fruits. This is why I have chosen ARURA as the name for my range of natural healing products.

Medicine Buddha carrying the Arura branch

Medicine Buddha carrying the Arura branch

For many years I have been thinking about producing a range of natural healing products and have spent much time researching the ingredients relevant to Tibetan medicine, along with their efficacy and availability. I have now produced the Arura Natural Healing Range which blends the ancient wisdom of Tibetan medicine with modern science.

Tibetan medicine is extremely rich in its depth and variety of medical formulas, however when we need to produce natural products such as skin creams it does not have the knowledge of using emulsifiers and preservatives. As I already have knowledge of Tibetan herbal medicine I have in addition to this attended courses on natural skin care, on making creams, lotions, balms, the use of natural emulsifiers and preservatives. I have also attended courses on EU laws and regulations with regard to cosmetic products, because practising in the United Kingdom I need to follow EU laws and regulations on cosmetic safety. Each ingredient has to be traced to the source and therefore all my creams have been assessed and certified by Cosmetic Safety Consultants Ltd. for safe use by the general public in the EU.

The main purpose for producing these natural products is because there are kind to the skin, nourishes the hair, is relaxing for the mind and soothing for the body; I can say this with full confidence as I know that all my ingredients are based on natural waxes, herbs, oils and essential oils. All my natural products are sourced ethically and ecologically. I hope you will enjoy using them.

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