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Arura Tibet sGa-sMug Warming Massage Oil

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Arura Tibet sGa-sMug Warming Massage Oil :

Arura Tibet sGa-sMug Warming Massage Oil is based on Tibetan medicine.

Apply to skin - suitable for sore and aching joints.

The ingredients are as follows -

 Sunflower oil ( Nyima -Metok ) - warming oil used for treating kidney disease, ringing in the ears, swelling of the limbs during antenatal periods. It contains vitamin A,B,D and E.
 Walnut oil (sTar-ga) - used in Tibetan medicine for loong diseases, kidney problems, contractures and stiffness in the limbs and joints .Walnuts grow in the Kong-po region of Tibet, walnut contains Omega 3, linoleic acid and vitamin E.
 Cypress - ( rGya- Shook ) used for urinary bladder problem, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism and varicose veins.
 Cederwood (Thang-shing ) - used for treatment of oedema of the joints, chronic arthritis and helps warm bodily extremities.
 Juniper berries ( Shuk pa - tserchen- bru ) - warming properties help elimination of uric acid, rheumatism and arthritis, strengthens the kidneys and restores vitality.
 Ginger (sGa-sMug) - helps for circulation, chilblains, chronic cold feet and reduces loong.
 Black pepper ( Na-le-sham) - very warming oil which helps digestion, cellulite and protects from colds and flu. It also relieves aches and pains.
 Lemon oil is useful for its detoxifying, rubefacient, anti-rheumatic properties and adds a piercing bright note to the blend.
 Tocopherol ( Vitamin E ) Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, and for smooth dry and rough skin.

INDREDIENTS -Helianthus annuus ( sunflower oil ), Juglans regia (walnut oil ) Cupressus sempervirens ( cypress essential oil ), Cedrus deodora ( cederwood essential oil ), Juniperus communis ( juniper berry essential oil ), Zingiber officinale ( ginger essential oil ), Piper nigrum (black pepper essential oil ) Citrus Medica limonum ( lemon peel essential oil ) and Tocopherol ( vitamin E )
*Lomonene, Linalool, Citral - Chemical constituents naturally occurring in the essential oils.

Direction - Shake well, warm your palms, pour a little oil onto your palm and massage into all the affected areas of neck, back and joints.

Contains nut oil.